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One of the Most Important Real Estate Decisions You Can Make

In today’s complex real estate environment, selecting the right commercial property management company is one of the most important real estate decisions you can make. Picking the wrong property manager can lead to lower returns, unnecessary expenses, and lost tenants.

Our trained, experienced, and creative real estate property managers can obtain the maximum return on your asset by improving cash flow, retaining tenants, and increasing value.

Coffman Development Group actively manages properties in the communities of New England from Maine to Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Our property management activities include:

Oversight & Management
Maintenance & Repairs
Sales & Marketing
Accounting & Reporting
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Some of Our

Key Tenants

Choose the Right Real Property Management Company

Managing real estate properties is challenging, time consuming, and filled with complexities. You need to ensure you maintain the property, address repairs in a timely and cost effective manner, fill vacant units quickly with quality tenants, build solid relations with your tenants, and accurately track and understand the financial performance of each property.

Choosing the wrong Property Management Company can result in poor returns, unhappy tenants, wasted dollars, and a lot of headaches.

That’s why you need an experienced and caring property management partner that can manage your property successfully. You need a partner with the experience and ability to minimize problems, mitigate risks and streamline your operations. Lastly, you need a partner with the ability to solve complex problems when they arise (and they will).

Coffman Development Property Management Services

Why Choose Us as Your Property Management Company?

Choose Coffman if you want a property manager that can solve problems vs causing them. Choose us if you want a partner that will maximize your assets vs bleeding them dry.

Our experienced, creative team will actively work to streamline operations, maximize your asset’s value, and reduce your costs. We will also proactively make recommendations to mitigate common, costly risks. And we put a focus on client relations, transparency, and strong communication. This helps you maximize the value of your asset while minimizing headaches.

Here’s what sets Coffman apart from other property management companies:

Coffman Development Property Management Clients

Reliable. Responsible. Trusted.

Proven Property Management Results

Our team has been successfully managing commercial properties for 3+ generations. And in that time we have earned a solid reputation for making our clients successful. Here are just some of the results we have achieved.


Years of commercial real estate


Square feet of real estate managed


Clients since 1984


Single commitment to our client's success

Trusted by the New England Real Estate Industry

Marius Dehelean Coffman Development Group testimonial

VP Relationship Manager | TD Bank
Boston MA

Marius Dehelean

"We are often asked to recommend a developer and we always include CDG as a top tier company, knowing that our referral is based on unquestionable reputation, tested capabilities and proven results."

Philip Henry Coffman Development Group testimonial

P.E. | Civil Design Group, LLC
North Andover MA

Philip Henry

"Coffman Development Group is a leading commercial land development company throughout New England. Their creative approach to conceptualizing, permitting and managing projects during the land entitlement process allows us as engineers to focus on executing the technical aspects of the design. Over the past 5 years, our companies have fostered a sustainable working relationship and we are thankful for their loyalty and opportunities to work on their projects."

Frank Lilley Coffman Development Group testimonial

Licensed Site Professional | Golder Associates
Westborough, MA

Frank W. Lilley

"I have worked for Coffman Realty for over 15 years on projects throughout New England and Florida. Throughout that time we have been able to collectively develop cost effective solutions to development projects involving environmentally impaired properties. I have been impressed with Coffman’s’ development manager’s ability to understand and participate in the development of solutions to bring these properties back into safe use for a variety of end users including; urgent care medical facilities, retail pharmacies, strip malls and large grocery stores."

Our Property Management Services

Our trained, experienced, and creative real estate managers and support staff handle every aspect of your property. You will get a partner to help with everything from marketing and lease agreements to property maintenance and accounting. Our Property Management services include:

Oversight & Management

property visits
Property Visits

Sight unseen is never a good thing when it comes to successfully managing a property. Our team will visit and check in on your properties regularly.

tenant relations and management
Tenant Relations

Building relationships and communicating with your tenants is critical to get feedback and spot potential issues early. Our team actively builds relations with tenants.

curb appeal and property exterior management
Curb Appeal & Improvements

Building relationships and communicating with your tenants is critical to get feedback and spot potential issues early. Our team actively builds relations with tenants.

Maintenance & Repairs

regular property maintenance
Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance will help save money in the long-run and keep your property clean, safe and looking its best. Our team will work with you to build an effective maintenance schedule.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is critical to the operation of your property. We diligently stay top of your property’s preventative maintenance in order to mitigate unnecessary emergencies and costly repairs due to neglect.

emergency property repairs
Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are bound to happen with any property. It is how you handle them that will determine the outcome. Our team is ready to respond to emergency repairs quickly and effectively.

Accounting & Cost Control

property cost controls
Cost Controls

Costs can quickly reduce your profits and asset value. That is why cost controls are critical. We actively analyze your expenses in order to identify potential issues. Then we develop strategies to reduce your costs.


Effective bookkeeping can help you better understand your property, reduce expenses, and increase returns. We provide an in-house accounting team focused on helping you understand your asset’s financials.

property financial reporting
Financial Reporting

Understanding your property’s financials is critical in order to make the right decisions. Our financial reporting is thorough but easy to understand. And our team is available to help answer any questions you have.

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Property Management FAQ

Property management is a term used to describe numerous activities involved in the operation of a real estate property.

You may hire a property manager, or you could hire a property management company, who will have a team of property managers.

At a high level, property management is the process of actively overseeing the maintenance and repairs, operation, and financial aspects of a real estate property. It can refer to the management of residential, commercial, and/or land based real estate. Property managers typically handle tasks such as:

  • Marketing the property
  • Finding, screening and leasing tenants
  • Collecting rent and remitting payments
  • Handling regular and preventative maintenance as well as needed repairs
  • Enforcing lease terms
  • Managing finances, bookkeeping, and preparing financial reporting
  • Dealing with ongoing lease issues, tenant renewals, option pickups, estoppels, SNDAs and more

A property management company is an organization that is focused on the management of real estate properties. Larger, more established property management companies have a team of property managers, as well as support staff, accounting personnel, and more.

Your property manager and/or property management company typically handle tasks such as:

  • Marketing your property
  • Finding, screening and leasing of tenants
  • Collecting rent and remitting payments
  • Handling regular and preventative maintenance as well as repairs
  • Enforcing lease terms with tenants
  • Managing finances, bookkeeping, and preparing financial reporting for each asset
  • Dealing with legal issues, such as contract laws and evictions

There are several benefits to hiring a property management company. Some of the biggest ones include: 

  • Peace of mind: Property managers handling both the day-to-day tasks and planning associated with owning a rental property, requiring a lot less effort and headaches for you the owner
  • Increased profitability: Good property managers can help you find good tenants, collect rent on time, and maintain your property in good condition. This can lead to increased profits and lower vacancy.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance: Property managers are familiar with all the laws and regulations that apply to rental properties. They can help you avoid costly fines and legal problems.

If you own a rental property, hiring a property manager can be a wise decision. Property managers can help you save time, money, and headaches.

The cost of a property management company will depend on many factors, such as the specific property and their pricing model. Many times a property management company will charge a percentage of the gross rent per month.

There are no shortage of property management companies to choose from. As a result, it can seem overwhelming to choose the right one. In turn, it is important to do your research before hiring one. 

Here are some core thing you should consider when selecting your property management company:

  • Their experience and areas of expertise within the real estate industry
  • Their property management fees and any other fees
  • Specific services the company provides
  • The company’s reputation, including reviews and testimonials

We actively manage properties in New England, including Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. If you are outside of this area please contact us

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